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(SAI) Maj Conley / (AI) 1SG Lovato


1. Course Title: JROTC

2. Course Description: JROTC is a citizenship course that uses a military framework to build and teach teamwork and leadership.

3. Course Objectives: The objectives of this class are to build a basic understanding of the organization and how it functions. We then tie that into basic citizenship principles. These are supported by classes that are designed to help the student improve their skills, and abilities.

4. Course Outline: The 1 st quarter is primarily giving the students the basics of JROTC and how it functions with emphasis on responsibility. Study skills are also emphasized. The 2nd quarter covers basic knowledge and skills of citizenship. The 3rd and 4th quarters branch out and provides supplemental classes on first aid, geography, health and fitness.

5. Grading consists of five parts, each worth 20% each, Tests 10% / Semester Tests 10% each.

a. Participation

b. Performance/leadership

c. Tests / Semester Tests

d. Assignments

e. Uniforms

6. Resources: Textbooks and Uniforms will be provided.