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Stop Mass Shootings

JROTC LET 2 Students

First Sergeant Lovato

19 March 2018

Everyone says “ban guns” or “ban weapons”; instead of blaming the weapons, blame the person using the weapon. The only way to address this issue is to start with the person’s mental health, if you know something is wrong with a person or think that they could be danger to anyone else, say something! The gun isn’t what made the person/persons kill others; it’s what was in their mind that made them do it. A person’s mental health is the problem. If you see people post things or act like they are depressed or that they have a problem that could resulting in them hurting others, tell someone, get them help. They might not be thankful at the time, but eventually they will realize you did the right thing. Don’t ignore it just because you think that their being hurt and threatening others or anything like that isn’t your problem, but imagine you saw someone like this and you ignore it and then one day you and your best friend are just having fun and all of sudden wherever you are goes into lockdown because there is someone in the building with a weapon, and you realize it’s that kid you saw with issues that you just ignored. Is it your problem now?

You need to address the issue as soon as you see something happen that you don’t think looks, sounds or feels right. You got help. You solved the issue before any further issues could occur. People want to shoot up schools, airports, buildings, etc. because they have mental issues, and when we notice those mental issues and ignore them, we are putting ourselves and others in future danger. They probably feel like they have no one to talk to. They probably feel alone. Walk UP, not OUT. See a kid sitting alone with headphones in and their head down? Walk up, sit with them, talk to them, befriend them. See a person who has self harmed? Talk to them, ask them if they are okay, try and talk to them, see if they want help, tell someone. See someone who you know posts/talks about sad/depressing things? Walk up and talk to them, try and make them smile or laugh. Make friends. Stop ignoring the people who are alone because you think they are “weird” or different. WEAPONS ARE NOT THE ISSUE! PEOPLE ARE.

You could make a temporary solution by adding more security or by arming more people in the school, but anyone can have a mental issue. Give a teacher a gun and one day they snap from stress and shoot a group of their students, who are you going to blame? The gun? Or the teacher? Your answer should be the teacher. The teacher is the one that had an issue and didn’t do anything to help fix it. Ban guns, ban knifes, ban weapons, but someone with a mental problem who wants to hurt others doesn’t need a weapon. They could use their hands. What will you do then? Ban hands?

People’s environments are a cause for their mental state. If you surround yourself with people who are constantly sad or down, you’re going to bring yourself down. Are your parents fighting constantly? That could cause you to be stressed, depressed or anything else. Go talk to someone about it! Don’t just ignore it. Don’t just worry about everyone else’s mental health; worry about yours too. One day you could be completely fine, and then one day you just snap. It happens, but watch who you surround yourself with, watch what you are doing in your free time.

You can put an age limit on buying weapons, but a kid or anyone could steal a weapon from someone else. You might be able to make temporary solutions with security and metal detectors, etc. but the only real way to stop mass shootings is to focus on people’s metal problems and stop them from hurting anyone early!


Contact: 1SG Ronald Lovato